to europe part 5

Friday we had 9:00 am tickets that we bought ahead of time for the Louvre. Denzel and I were really excited about this because we both love museums. Somehow we were the first people in line and got in quickly! Right after we got in, the lines started to get extremely long.
The first wing we went to was the one with the Mona Lisa. I’m glad we went and saw this first, because the line was crazy after we saw it. Downloading the audio for the art was a good choice, because it gave us a reason to actually look at each piece and learn at the same time. We took our time and looked at the art, statues and sculptures in almost every wing. It took us about 5 hours and we still didn’t see everything. The museum was huge. This was our favorite part from the whole trip!
We took some pictures around the garden area and the famous glass pyramids outside, but the weather was still bad so we didn’t get to spend much time out there.
After some souvenir shopping, we hit the metro and headed to the Nôtre Dame. This was a free attraction and the line moved very quickly. It was very beautiful inside and a great experience. We bought a lock and locked it on the fence outside (cheesy?! I know, but we like that stuff). We wrote our names on it and locked it up. Maybe one day when we go back it’ll still be there!
We spent the rest of the day together shopping and walking around. We got some macaroons to try and for gifts (which didn’t make the list of my favorite things lol). I didn’t really love them, but maybe I just don’t love macaroons as much as I thought!
After we got dinner at a subpar Indian restaurant (which I would not recommend), we explored the area around our apartment a little more. We found a little bar showing the football game that was packed, so we joined in and watched for a bit. We headed home and went to bed early since tomorrow was our last day here!
EURO TRIP TIP: don’t rush through the attractions, enjoy your time there and learn all there is to learn! Also, take advantage of the free attractions!
Miles walked: 12.9 miles

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