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coffee in barcelona

Isn’t he fine y’all!?!

Day two of our Europe trip was the day we planned to see all the sights we wanted before we left for Paris tomorrow. We grabbed a little coffee and got to walking. We bought tickets the night before to see the “Sagrada Familia” which is a Catholic church that has been under construction since 1882. It was designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí and is still being built today. When we finally got there we were stunned by how amazing it was. So much taller than any other building, so different from the other architecture.
We really enjoyed learning about the history of the building. This is something I would definitely go see again, since its construction is progressing every day.
sagrada familia sagrada familiasagrada familiasagrada familia
We walked to the Park Guell which was another structure created by Gaudí. We just walked through the free part of the park. You could pay to go to the very front/top area but we enjoyed the views from the rest of the park. I will say- it is quite a walk to get up the hill to the park!
park guellpark guellpark guell

We stopped at a tapas bar called “König” for lunch (tapas is really the thing to eat in Barcelona). We enjoyed the tapas and some small burgers, but truly tapas are what they do best. I think our favorite was potatas bravas which is potatoes with aoli sauce.

EURO TRIP TIP: use yelp to find highly rated restaurants, the best ones have hundreds to thousands of reviews! We loved almost every place we went to!
konig barcelona
We went home and napped (walking all day is exhausting) and got ready for dinner. We found another popular tapas bar for dinner, our last meal before leaving to Paris the next morning! We tried some different foods for dinner, like seafood paella and some brochettes. And of course, some wine!
EURO TRIP TIP: buy the wine, best bang for your buck.
tapas barcelonatapas barcelona


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