to an unforgettable engagement

engagement biscane beachWhen we got back from our Europe trip, we were back to studying for the comp. We had just moved to Miami and we were studying all day, everyday! I had gone home to Colorado for a week and came home on Wednesday. All four of us had been talking about going to the Museum of Ice Cream for a while and I wanted to go since I first saw it on Instagram. Denzel and I talked about it, but decided not to get tickets at the time. When I first got home from Colorado he told me he ended up getting tickets for us! I was so excited.

That day I was busy making dinner and I asked Denzel to run to Sam’s Club since I had forgotten an ingredient. He was gone for a while that day, but I was busy talking with Raj and Victoria (our roommates and good friends) that I didn’t think much about it. He came home and surprised me with a new bike! I didn’t know then, but he actually went to pick up my engagement ring!

Fast forward to Sunday, I woke up in the morning to study and Victoria called me into her room to help her pick an outfit. She was planning on going to a nice brunch so she was wearing a dress and heals! She suggested I dress up too since they were meeting us at the museum later that evening. She said we could take cute pictures all dressed up! I looked through my closet, but I could not find a dress that worked for the occasion. Naturally I had a little freak out, so Denzel suggested we just go get a new one. He took me shopping and we picked out a couple different dresses and he picked out a shirt. We came home and got back to studying like usual until it was time to get ready for the evening!

engagement museum of ice cream

I got all dolled up and we headed to the museum. It was the cutest place, we went through each room and the guys took cute pictures of Victoria and I. We got through the sprinkle pool room, the milkshake room and the ice cream fan room before we entered the pink forest with the banana swing.

engagement museum of ice creamengagement museum of ice cream engagement museum of ice creamengagement museum of ice cream

We continued taking pictures- on the cherry wrecking ball, on the banana swing and in the mirror room. The room was absolutely PACKED with people waiting in line for each photo op. Then the guys suggested we take pictures as a couple on the banana swing, so we waited in line for our turn.

engagement museum of ice cream

Once it was Denzel and I’s turn, I went and sat on the swing. He asked me “do you have room for me?” and I said “of course I do, come sit down”. He told me I should stand up, I thought it was because he wanted to sit down before I did for the picture. I stood up and he got down on one knee. I was so overwhelmed with happiness, I asked him “are you serious!?!”. I saw the whole room of people pull out their phones and crowd around. Then everyone disappeared and all I could see was him and all I could think was “YES” and “is this real”. Denzel spoke his piece and asked me to marry him and I said YES! Everyone around clapped for us, it was a surreal moment.

engagement museum of ice creamengagement museum of ice creamengagement museum of ice creamengagement museum of ice cream 

Afterwards we walked through the rest of the museum and people congratulated us. I was in tears and I could not wait to tell our family and friends. As we drove home, we called our parents and brothers. The only people who knew were both of our dads, Denzel’s brother Jordan, and a few of his friends- so the moms were very surprised and happy!

Raj and Victoria knew the plan so they had taken some wonderful photos and videos for us. We are both so thankful for friends like them and for making that day so special!

engagement museum of ice cream

It has been about a month since our engagement and we are waiting for our comp scores and diving into wedding planning! (Both comp and wedding planning posts coming soon)

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