Pins That Give Back

Introducing Pins That Give Back by The Gosey Guide

Proceeds from pin sales will benefit our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, The Barghouti-Gosey Foundation, which aims to support minority pre-medical students via scholarship funds. Our minority pre-med scholarship will premiere in early 2021 and will support students of marginalized minority groups who seek a future in medicine.

The clenched fist symbolizes solidarity and support for the Black Lives Matter movement. It represents the strength that our collective fists hold and the power our joined voices have. As soon as we enter medical school we recite an oath which proclaims that patient care should not be hindered by discrimination and we agree to provide a platform of equal justice for all persons in need. Whether in the healthcare field or not, you can don this pin to display your allyship for the Black Lives Matter movement. On your white coat lapel, you will display your commitment to fighting implicit bias and racial disparities. In addition, proceeds from your purchase will go towards the Barghouti-Gosey Foundation Scholarship for minority pre-medical students- a scholarship that will help support their journey to becoming physicians.



Learn more about the BLM movement at www.blacklivesmatter.com

Read more about what it means to be an ally on www.theantioppresionnetwork.com

Read more about the existing disparities in healthcare here.

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