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If you have reached this page looking for guidance on changing your last name after a recent day of love CONGRATS! Changing your last name after marriage, especially while in medical school is quite the process. Thanks to a few classmates who had been through it, I had some sense of where to begin. It was not until I started changing my name that I realized how much there was to change!

Once you get your marriage license turned in, purchase 2-3 certified copies of your marriage certificate for name change tasks. (In Texas these were $6 each)


  • Changing your name with RUSM

Fill out the “Name Change Request Form” by going to MyRoss and following these links:

Student services- registrar- registrar forms- school of medicine forms- name change form

From there, you will email this form and your marriage license scan to L&C@rossu.edu (NOT to exam administration). After you email this, they will send you the updated form to fill out instead. When you complete this, your name will be changed and eventually (if you opted to) your email will be changed (AKA mine still has not been changed 2 months post name change).

After you successfully change your name with Ross, IMMEDIATELY call exam administration to have a new permit sent to you if you are scheduled for any shelf exams to ensure your permit matches your new ID. They say this can take up to 2 weeks, however I received mine in a few days. You do not need to reschedule your exam with your new name.

  • Changing your name with ECFMG

First you will fill out and fax or mail the following form (form 182)

I sent a photo of my marriage license along with the form and this was changed quickly. However, once this is complete you will have to REDO your form 186 which is the notarized form we had to do before the USMLE step 1. You will get an email when your name change is processed and you will be instructed to log onto the IWA ECFMG site and your new form 186 will be front and center. To complete this, you will do an online video chat with NotaryCam and you will need a form of ID with your new name (passport or drivers license). It costs $50.00 to do this. You no longer need a passport photo, they will take it during your video chat. My Form 186 was processed within 10 days of completing it with NotaryCam.

  • Changing your name with your loan company

I called my loan company after Ross processed my name change and asked how to change my name with them, they instructed me to upload my marriage certificate and a copy of my new ID on their site. I would call your specific loan company to see what they need.

  • Changing your name at your rotation site

It was fairly simple to change my hospital badge. I had to bring a picture of my marriage certificate to the security office and they reprinted my badge right there. It would be good to then tell your site coordinator about your name change for future correspondence.


  • Changing your name with Social Security (FREE)

You can either mail in or go to a local office to change your name on your social security card. First you will need to fill out form ss-5. You will need a CERTIFIED copy of your marriage certificate, a copy of your US birth certificate, and a copy of your US passport (I sent the one with my maiden name). You will send all of these documents plus the filled out form ss-5.

  • Changing your name on your Drivers License (price varies by state, Texas is $25)

It may be preferred by some DMV locations to change your social security card before getting a new license, however I got my license before my new SS card. Check for what the local DMV requires as far as documentation (I HAD MINE DONE IN TEXAS). I had to bring form DL-14A, my marriage certificate, my old drivers license, my social security card, my birth certificate, my car insurance policy, my car registration, and two forms of proof of residency. Proof of residency can include a lease agreement, your car registration, a bank statement, utility bill, or insurance card (NOT random mail, trust me).

CHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK that all of your information is correct on your paper permit before you walk away from the clerks desk. My birthday was wrong and I didn’t notice until I received my new license in the mail.

  • Changing your name on your passport (around $115, but varies)

CHECK THIS LINK for the instructions regarding the different scenarios you might be in yourself. For me, I was requesting a new passport more than a year after my last passport was issued and I qualified for the form DS-82. However, there are many different forms that you may have to fill out depending on your specific circumstances, so check the link below.

After I found my proper form, I had to send that, my old passport, my certified marriage certificate, one color passport photo, and the fees. You send the fees via check. It takes 6-8 weeks to get your passport back, but you can pay an $80 fee to have it rush shipped (which you can also decide to do after you’ve already submitted your application by calling the passport information number). You can also call this number to check the status of your application and make sure all parts of it were received.

  • Changing your name with health insurance and doctors offices

Before you change your name at your doctors offices, you should change your name with your health insurance company. To do this I had to give my marriage certificate to the HR department at the employer who sponsored my insurance at the time. After that, you are able to change your name with your doctors office.

  • Changing your name with Global Entry and your trusted travelers pass

In order to change your name with Global Entry, you have to make an appointment at your local office (usually at the airport) and go from there. I haven’t gotten around to doing this change yet, so I am planning to bring my certified marriage certificate and my identification documents.

  • Changing your name on banks and credit cards 

This was an easy change:

  • Chase and Charles Schwab I had to bring in my marriage certificate and they changed it while I was in office and they called the credit card line to reissue my credit cards and debit cards with my new name
  • Discover and CitiBank I was able to change over the phone and have them reissue cards that way
  • American Express you fill out this form online and then your cards will be resent!

Hope this helps some of you new Mrs. and Mr. (maybe almost Dr.) out there!


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