to reflecting on graduating medical school (virtually)

Tomorrow is the day Denzel and I officially graduate medical school (virtually unfortunately, but we will not discount this accomplishment!).
I started at Ross University School of Medicine in May 2016 and Denzel started in September of 2016. As many of you know, what came after was a series of wonderful times and terrible times.
I met the love of my life, my partner in everything in January of 2017. That same year we endured hurricane Maria in September and completed our final semester of basic sciences on a ferry boat off the coast of St. Kitts.

GNV Excellence aka “Floating University”

Together we failed to pass a qualifying exam many times which challenged us emotionally. In the same timing we got engaged and experienced wedding planning, some of the best memories and times together. 10 months into studying hours on hours on end we took our first board exam together and received scores we were proud of. These experiences motivated us to start our blog to support Caribbean medical students, The Gosey Guide.
We spent the next two years in Michigan finishing our rotations, during this time we got married after our surgery rotation and returned the following day to start our family medicine rotation.
Of course, COVID presented a new road block. We suspended our course work and board exam studies to focus on our non-profit organization MI COVIDsitters. With our team, we were able to help hundreds of healthcare workers with childcare, elderly care, errand running and PPE donations.
Though pushed back a few months, we travelled across the US to Bakersfield, California to get Denzel into the only anesthesia elective we could find. I completed a radiology elective and at the same time taught a virtual elective to more than 30 colleagues that my colleague Zoe and I designed based in community service.
We completed our final board exam and a surprise english language exam to prove to the foreign medical graduate commission that we indeed spoke english and were qualified to practice in the United States. We participated in a virtual match season interviewing with programs across the country, all while growing a small little boy!
Finally, two months after we anticipated, we finished our final medical school elective and took a leap of faith moving to Texas to await our match results.
In March, we discovered we couples matched at our number one rank here in Texas. A place where from the beginning of medical school we were told was near impossible to match into. They told us Texas was a long shot, they told us anesthesia was a long shot, they told us couples matching was a big risk, they encouraged us to apply to a back up specialty.
We didn’t listen. We believed in ourselves and we advocated for ourselves and each other. And in the end, it was all worth it.
In a few weeks we will welcome our baby boy, Quincy Tamim (his middle name in Arabic means strong and complete, a fitting name indeed). A few days later, Denzel will start his anesthesia residency. After my maternity leave, I will begin my pediatrics residency. Denzel will then get to take his paternity leave. All thanks to supportive residency programs.
So tomorrow, though not the graduation we expected for becoming medical doctors, Denzel and I plan to reflect on the past 5 years of the unexpected and the many blessings we have experienced because of this.
Please join Denzel, me and our families in watching our virtual graduation tomorrow at 10 am CST on Facebook or on YouTube. https://fb.me/e/3LbGjKzrd
Thanks to all of our family, friends and followers for always cheering us on. We love you all.
Dr. Yasmine Bargoti-Gosey and Dr. Bobby Denzel Gosey Jr

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