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After getting engaged in April, we only had a few weeks until our NBME exam, so we had to put wedding planning aside for a few weeks. On our daily breaks, we started brainstorming together and discussing aspects that were the most important to us for our wedding. Of course I already had a Pinterest board filled with ideas!

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Our first decision we made was to get a full time wedding planner! Since we are moving around so much, it would be difficult to figure out all the details of a wedding by ourselves. We set up four meetings with different planners to interview. We wanted someone who would understand our vision and would be able to make it possible with our budget in mind. We also wanted someone we connected with and we could work with since we both want to be involved in the planning process! We found the most wonderful planner at In Her Shoes Coordination.


We decided to get married in Texas! Mostly because my family lives all over the states and the world, so they would have to travel regardless of the location and Denzel’s family mostly lives in Texas. We knew we wanted to meet certain criteria when choosing a venue: an outdoor ceremony space with a great view, an indoor reception space that was modern, a venue that had both in one place, a venue that did not set many restrictions so we could bring in our own vendors, and a venue with great reviews that was easy to work with. We toured about eight venues and decided on our favorite place- Canyonwood Ridge. When we were looking for venues online, Denzel expected this venue to be his least favorite, but when we saw it in person we knew it was definitely the place to have our wedding. Photos just do not do this place justice! It was large enough for our 250 guest count, new and modern, had a beautiful view at the outdoor ceremony area and even had a backup ceremony space for rain that was just as beautiful as the outdoor space. We loved it so much, we booked it the next day!

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I think the hardest part of wedding planning so far for us has been choosing a bridal party. After getting engaged, sometimes it is shocking how people react. We were surprised to find people we thought would be super excited and involved to be opposite of that. We also had pleasant surprises, friends who showed an outpouring of love and interest. We have so many people in our lives that we love and care about, but we obviously had to narrow it down to a reasonable number of groomsmen and bridesmaids.

To ask his best man (his brother, Jordan) we wanted to do something a little different. We were home for his college graduation, so we made him a gift card bouquet for his grad present. One of the gift card holders was actually a note that asked him to be the best man. It was a good surprise!

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We wanted to ask Denzel’s groomsmen while we were in Texas and in a unique way. Denzel really wanted it to be medical related, so he came up with a few ideas and I ended up creating a card that looked like a prescription pad. We invited his friends to dinner and asked them there, we also had a few we had to send out! Thankfully they all said YES!

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Overall, we had a productive few days of wedding planning while we were in Texas. When we got back to Miami, we decided to spend time making a guest list, collecting addresses, and registering. All of this actually took a lot more time than we though! Making a guest list is hard- you want to invite everyone, but you also have to realistically narrow it down and sometimes make hard decisions.

Registering for the wedding was quite the experience. It took 3-4 days to complete our registry (which is still ever changing). We have never argued as much as we did when we were registering! At first, there were many items we agreed on. As we got to picking the products that were more “styled”, we found we had different visions of what our home would look like. After going back and forth for days, we finally settled on a design we liked so it became easier to choose the items we wanted! We ended up registering at Macy’s and at an online registry called Zola. We registered at Crate & Barrel, but ended up deleting it, because it didn’t really fit our style.

We also started working on our wedding page where you can find the information about our wedding! (This is definitely a work in progress as planning continues to progress).

That is the majority of what we accomplished so far! Next up on our planning list- picking our vendors, our officiant, and, of course, MY BRIDESMAIDS!

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