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I often post on social media about being a frequent participant of Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) workouts. OTF has been my getaway from my grueling, daily medical school study schedule (8-12 hours a day *sigh*), but OTF provides much more than 60 minutes of physical activity. I have received so many questions and inquiries from friends and followers about what Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) is and why I love working out there.

There are so many reasons why OTF appeals to me and helps me meet my fitness goals.

  • It works for my schedule.
    • As a student, I need a quick, effective workout that is available when I am ready to go to the gym. OTF has classes from 5:00 am to 8:20 pm that are each an hour long. This means whenever I am ready for a study break, I can get my workout in no matter what time of day it is. I can easily sign up on my cellphone for whatever workout I want to attend and a place is saved for me.orangetheory fitness
  • I don’t have to plan my workout.
    • OTF coaches lead me in workouts that change every single day. I do not have to spend time coming up with a workout plan or schedule, I just show up and get my workout in. Since the templates change every day, I never get bored with my workout. There is a variety of equipment used like bands, Ab Dolly, TRX straps, dumbbells, the rower and the treadmill. orangetheory fitness
  • I see constant improvements. 
    • There are so many goals I have set for myself to improve my fitness and health. Since starting at OTF, I transitioned from being a “power walker” to a runner. My stamina, strength, endurance and confidence have all improved by just showing up. The coaches always push me to reach new personal records on the rower, on the treadmill, and in the weight room. There is no plateau, because you can always push harder.
    • orangetheory fitness
  • I am part of a fitness community. 
    • I have made so many great friends at Orangetheory from many walks of life, all with the same passion for OTF. We often get together with our friends from OTF outside of the gym. It is the best feeling to go to a gym where I see many familiar faces and be surrounded by people who support me 100%. OTF is a judgement free gym, not only do the staff support each other, but so do the members (birthday burpees anyone?)

orangetheory fitness

To get more concrete information about the ins and outs of OTF and its workouts, I asked Head Coach Nikki Rios from OTF Miramar to give her input.

How would you explain OTF to those who have never heard of it?

Orangetheory Fitness is a one hour- full body workout. Each workout focuses on training endurance, strength, and/or power. It is heart rate based interval training, which is proven to burn more calories post-workout. Heart rate monitors show results in real time on large studio TVs. Orangetheory is focused on training in 5 heart rate zones and our fitness coaches prevent you from over or under training.

orangetheory fitness

What sets OTF apart from a normal gym?

Orangetheory’s one hour workout is based on a template that has been pre-designed by top fitness professionals. These templates are made and then tested to ensure that they can work in studios across the world, while providing members with an awesome workout! Also, Orangetheory has a sense of community where you start to get to know members and coaches on a more personal level. The sales associates greet you with a smile and treat you like family, while the coaches learn your fitness level and motivate you accordingly. Orangetheory, inspires, motivates, and empowers those who take the classes. There is such a sense of community within every Orangetheory that lets you know you are someone special.

orangetheory fitness

Is OTF a good workout even for conditioned athletes? How about for men?

Orangetheory is an amazing workout for EVERYONE. Whether someone’s goals are weight loss, toning and firming, athletic performance, or just staying active and healthy, OTF is the place to achieve that. I actually started as a member of Orangetheory back in 2014 when I was playing Division 1 soccer in college. I fell in love from day one and would take classes whenever I got home. It made working out so enjoyable for me. Athletes, like everyone else, have a goal. I guarantee that if a hesitant athlete were to go and take their first free class, they would easily see that whatever goal(s) they have can be met by attending Orangetheory classes. As far as men are concerned, like I mentioned previously, Orangetheory is for everyone. Men can absolutely benefit from OTF- just ask one of our many, awesome male members!

orangetheory fitness

Is OTF worth the cost in your opinion?

When I was in college and first started Orangetheory, I came home for breaks and would do the Premier (Unlimited) membership every chance I could. Mind you, I was a full-time student athlete working on my Master’s degree that had money saved up from previous birthdays and random jobs I could squeeze in here and there. To me, the money going toward my Orangetheory membership was nothing in compared to the benefit I saw and felt before, during, and after class. I thought, “I love this so much and I can either pay this membership now, or pay large health bills in the future.” So yes, the cost is most definitely worth the kick-butt workout provided everyday, the sense of community, and perks of being and OTF member.

orangetheory fitness

How would you recommend maximizing results while working out at OTF?

This is a question that can be approached differently depending on what the results an individual wants to see. As far as overall results are concerned, just showing up and doing the workout provided is a win. However, what you put in is what you will get out. Now that doesn’t mean going as hard as possible, every single day. The body needs rest as well. So finding that balance of OTF, rest, and diet will ultimately help achieve the desired results. For a more personalized answer, I would recommend having a consultation with one of your OTF coaches and they can better assist you!

orangetheory fitness

What qualifications are required to be an OTF Coach?

There are a few approved educational companies such as ACSM, ACE, NAMS, NCSA, AFFA, or NFPT that OTF will accept in addition to requiring a CPR/AED certification. Once someone has their necessary certifications and wants to become a coach, they are taken through a training process that can vary depending on the studio. Usually, the Studio’s Head Coach will be the one who on-boards/trains the individual.

orangetheory fitness

How does OTF compare to hiring a personal trainer?

Orangetheory is group fitness. You get the attention of a one-on-one, but the energy from a group. Once you have a membership at one Orangetheory, you can use any Orangetheory. So someone who is traveling will still have the same benefits and access to the workout. I mention this a lot, but the community Orangetheory provides is unmatched. You walk into any studio and you are guaranteed a smile and an incredible workout that is tried and true to ensure a serious sweat!

orangetheory fitness

Why did you become an OTF coach?

I loved Orangetheory so much that while I was finishing my Master’s degree I wanted to work for the company. I started as a Sales Associate (which I absolutely loved) back in 2016 and once I finished my Master’s degree, I knew I wanted to stay with the company and become a Coach. I immediately got my ACE Personal Training certification as well as me CPR/AED Certifications and began training to become a Coach. I started at Orangetheory Fitness Miramar and have been in love ever since. Now I am the Head Coach at Orangetheory Miramar and still currently coach a class at OTF Pembroke Pines. I have yet to work a day in my life since starting at Orangetheory. I get the privilege of going on fitness journeys with all types of people with all different goals. I get to watch and to help people empower themselves through this workout and create incredible relationships with members and staff alike. I love Orangetheory for so many reasons, and I know that if someone were to take their first Orangetheory class they would get to see exactly what I mean.


Thank you to Coach Nikki for answering all of our questions about OTF. Best thing is, your first class is always free! (*ROSS STUDENTS- check out OTF Miramar if you’re here for IMF or MERP). There is more than 1000 OTF studios across the world- try it out and let me know what you think.

Already an OTF member? Tell me why you love OTF in the comments below!

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